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2012: A record year for JCB

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Date: Fri 19/Apr/2013, 11:10

JCB say 2012 was the best year in the company’s 67-year history with earnings reaching a new record of £365 million on an EBITDA basis (2011: £355 million), on turnover which remained virtually unchanged at £2.7 billion.

In a global market which contracted by 10%, JCB’s machine retails also rose slightly to 69,250 (2011: 69,100), which means that once again the company managed to outperform the market.

JCB chairman Sir Anthony Bamford said: ‘In view of the continued fragility of the global economy, which has led to renewed slowdowns in emerging and developed markets, JCB’s results in 2012 are extremely encouraging.

‘While construction equipment markets in many parts of the world remained weak, that has been more than offset by strong growth for our agricultural products, particularly in materials handling.’

Commenting on prospects for this year, he added: ‘Despite continued uncertainty, particularly in European economies, 2013 has started satisfactorily. We are expecting some growth this year, but how much will depend on the pace of the global recovery.’

Meanwhile, a new independent report by Oxford Economics has concluded that JCB support 24,000 UK jobs, contribute £545 million to the Exchequer and generate £1.4 billion of GDP, based on the company’s 2011 financial results.

Sam Moore, director of consulting at Oxford Economics, said: ‘JCB’s focus on manufacturing high value-added products in the UK and exporting to overseas markets makes a huge contribution to the economy, particularly in terms of jobs and tax receipts for the Exchequer.’

Sir Anthony commented: ‘JCB may be a global company, but first and foremost we’re British and we invest heavily in Britain. If companies invest in their operations, it will add value to their businesses, crate jobs and drive the economy.

‘This is in everyone’s interest, but it’s all about confidence. Rebuilding the confidence to invest for the future must be a priority for government and industry.’

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