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Last Week's Financial Review in 5 Minutes

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Date: Mon 01/Jul/2013, 10:45

The chancellor launched an assault on benefits in his spending plans for 2015-16, promising to cut £11.5bn from Whitehall spending.

The cost of the HS2 high-speed rail line from London to Birmingham will rise by almost £10bn to £42.6bn to account for tunnels and environmental work.

Danny Alexander, the chief secretary to the Treasury, set out £100bn worth of infrastructure spending for 2015-20 that included £70bn on transport and a £10bn guarantee to EDF Energy to build a nuclear plant at Hinkley Point, Somerset.

Shops and factories will be paid to ration electricity in order to avoid blackouts, under drastic government plans.

Britain’s energy needs could be met for over a decade by shale gas deposits ion northwest England, the British Geological Survey said. Areas with shale reserves could receive up to £1.1bn in compensation.

BP is battling to halt ruinous claims from the Gulf of Mexico disaster after its total cost estimated at $42bn (£28bn).

The double-dip recession was revised away by the office for National Statistics, although the country suffered a deeper recession than had previously been thought.

In his final appearance before MPs as Bank of England governor, Sir Mervyn King accused bankers of lobbying Downing Street to put pressure on the Prudential Regulation Authority after institutions were told to raise more capital.

The PRA and the Financial Policy Committee are conduction an urgent review into the impact of a rise in interest rates on indebted households, companies and financial institutions.

A tape emerged of Anglo Irish Bank officials laughing and joking about concealing huge losses while pleading for air from Ireland’s central bank in September 2008.

Kabel Deutschland directors backed a £6.6bn offer from Vodafone, transforming the mobile giant into a business offering broadband, fixed line telecoms and pay-tv services.

Direct Line, the newly listed insurer is to cut 2,000 jobs.

Payday lenders are to face a full competition investigation over “deep-rooted” problems in the way the sector behaves.

Lord MacLaurin, a former chairman of Tesco, attacked the legacy of Sir Terry Leahy, its former chief executive, for the huge writedowns from its American expansion.

Marc Rich, the commodities trader who created Glencore and was pardoned by President Clinton for busting sanctions against Iran and evading tax, died in Switzerland, aged 78.

James Martin, the British computer expert who sat on the Pentagon’s scientific advisory board and donated £100m of his fortune to Oxford, was found dead off the coast of Bermuda, aged 79.

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