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New product - Project Finance

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Date: Tue 16/Dec/2014, 14:21

We are now able to offer a project finance facility to improve the working capital of limited companies operating in the construction sector. This facility is geared towards company owners/directors who are keen to grow their business and take on larger more profitable contracts but need assistance with their cash flow in order to do so. It allows companies to secure funding for individual contracts instead of having to raise finance against their entire ledger, meaning you are only paying for the finance that you need. The facility works in a similar way to traditional invoice finance but the main benefit being there is no tie in period, no upfront service charges, and no need to finance all of the invoices that your company raises. Instead, you can now receive advance payments on only the individual invoices that you choose to submit. You pay one simple service charge per invoice, which is clear from the start, so you can easily factor in the cost of the facility to the cost of the job.

This product is an ideal solution for companies that are not yet of a size big enough to stand the fees normally associated to a ‘whole of turnover’ facility, or for business owners that simply want to avoid the commitment of signing up to lengthy contract period because they want to have more control of the company’s finances.

Advance rates are typically between 50-60% but can vary depending on the nature of the works that you are involved in. In order to be eligible for this product, your business needs to be a limited company. The invoice values that you can draw down advance payment against range between £40,000 and £300,000.


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