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Construction Growth Continues in 2014

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Date: Tue 16/Dec/2014, 16:52

New housing was at its highest monthly level since the series began in 2010. In particular, public new housing was at its highest monthly level since 2010, and its quarterly level was the highest since the series began in 1997.

The latest figures estimate that in Q3 2014 output grew by 0.8% compared with Q2 2014. Between Q3 2013 and Q3 2014, the output was estimated to have increased by 2.9%. This was the sixth consecutive period of annual quarter-on-quarter growth.

In September 2014, output in the construction industry was estimated to have increased by 1.8% compared with August 2014, following a fall of 3.0% in August and an increase of 2.0% in July.

On an annual basis, construction output grew by 3.5% in September 2014 compared with September 2013. This was the 16th consecutive period of year-on-year monthly growth. The main categories of construction output – new work and repair and maintenance – both grew strongly. Within new work, the strongest sub-component was housing which increased by 22.3%. Within repair and maintenance the key component was non-housing which grew by 5.2%; whereas output in the housing elements of repair and maintenance contracted.

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